Driving comfort


The brand new MINI KID chassis has a 900 mm wheelbase and is equipped with quick adjustable pedals and a sliding seat which allows position adjustments according to the driver’s height. Both features make it possible to adapt the kart to the child, as he or she grows, making the MINI KID a lasting and comfortable kart while keeping the competitive tradition of OTK.


Learning from the big boys

The kart has 28 mm diameter tubes and is supplied with other advanced details such as the hydraulic brake system designed specifically for the MINI KID frame and a uniquely shaped brake disc. Furthermore, the MINI KID is equipped with aluminum AXPQ wheels, a 30 mm diameter hollow axle and an alcantara steering wheel of a specific size. Design is paramount to OTK, which is why the new MINI KID is equipped with a rear plastic bumper and bodywork with a dedicated racing sticker kit.

Technical Fiche
FRAME MATERIAL Molybdenum chrome steel
TUBES Ø 30 mm
AXLE Ø 30 mm
BRAKING SYSTEM BSM with Dot 5.0 lubricant
INCLUDED ACCESSORIES Aluminium machined components. Equipped with a special mechanism allowing to adapt the seat position, sliding seat, adjustable pedals, alcantara steering wheel and 3 litre fuel tank.
BODYWORKS ARROW, M5 spoiler and front fairing - customized stickers kit.


Diameter 30 mm

Tubes Diameter

Single tube both for side and cross pieces


Specially designed for very young drivers